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In Exile (2016)

72 min   |   Myanmar    Documentary  

Director: Tin Win Naing  

IN EXILE Trailer | Festival 2016
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After filming political footage, Myanmar filmmaker Tin Win Naing has to flee his country. Unsure whether he will ever be able to see his family again, he crosses the border illegally, entering Thailand. Upon his arrival, he is astonished to see how many of his fellow countrymen have escaped the disastrous economic situation in Myanmar, only to find themselves trapped on the other side of the border, working under conditions of modern slavery.

He decides to portray three Myanmar migrant workers in their struggle for survival. The award-winning filmmaker - a refugee amongst refugees - observes his compatriots in close and emphatic detail. In Exile takes us on a deeply felt journey into the hearts and minds of a people who have been tormented by their country's system for decades and who are now mistreated in a new foreign home. In spire of this, however, they have emerged as fighters - fighters against despair.


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